From narrative features and short films, to commercials and music videos, I have the experience and skill set to see your concept through every stage of production.


BTS "Miner's Mountain"
Director: Bennett Pellington
DP: Eli Wallace-Johansson


I've worked in many departments over the years, gaining insight and first-hand knowledge of what it takes for a film, commercial or episodic to come together. I feel it's imperative to have a comprehensive understanding of filmmaking before earning the position of director. It's not just working with actors and telling your cinematographer how you want it to look or where to place the camera - but having a vision and executing it to its fullest potential. I believe to do that you must be the most prepared person in the room while maintaining a safe, positive working environment that allows your fellow creatives to thrive and empowering great ideas to flourish.

I've been fortunate to have directed award winning actors, films, music videos and commercials. Together, we have the opportunity to create captivating sounds / visuals that elicit an emotional and thought provoking response through developed characters and compelling stories.

For any directing inquiries, please email me at:


I've had a passion for reading and writing my whole life. As a kid I was too impatient for the last three Harry Potter books to come out, so I wrote my own versions - that's a whole new level of nerd. As an adult I've written and co-written many screenplays, short stories, a choose your own adventure and commercial scripts. I utilize many forms of writing software from Microsoft Word to Final Draft.

For film screenplays, commercial screenwriting, narrative fiction, treatments or outlines - please email me at:

I'm happy to provide you with a writing sample for any of your inquiries.

BTS REEDS Jewelers "The Walk" Bridal Commercial
Director: Alex Hoelscher
Produced By: Alex Hoelscher and Bennett Pellington
DP: Alex Pollini


"Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow. No one's going to do it for you." 

We've heard this quote a thousand times. From parents, teachers, mentors, etc... It's cliché because it's true. As a freelance film producer, I take on the task of bringing everything together in order to create the vision the director and/or client demand, day in and day out - while staying on budget. It's a challenging job, and one that I enjoy doing.

I have produced many award winning short films, local and regional commercials, and music videos.

If you are in need of a producer to bring your story, music video, or commercial concept to life, please send an email to: